Shenzhen Capital Group Co. Ltd. (“SCGC”) is one of the strongest venture capital groups in the world. Established by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government and commercial shareholders in 1999 with the mission of discovering and making great companies and as the discoverer and cultivator of the innovational value-added company, SCGC has become a comprehensive investment conglomerate major in VC/PE with a registered capital of RMB 10 billion and total asset under management of approximately RMB 421.3 billion.

Shenzhen Capital Group, the largest investment team in China, demonstrates consistent leadership in the venture capital industry with a nationwide network of 27 offices, ranking number one (2016-2020) among the local VC/PE institutions by Zero2IPO Group. SCGC has over 90 PhDs and MBAs, an investment pace of 30-50 deals per year, and the most listed companies (193) of any VC in China. Primarily investing in enterprises in the expansion stage, reasonably balancing the portfolio of companies and striving to minimize risk while maximizing returns. The company aims to strengthen partnerships with foreign venture capitals, also trying to improve the ability of project sourcing and co-investment.