Our Action Vision

By 2035 global population is projected to grow to 11.5 billion people aggravating a host of environmental problems including climate change, ecosystem destruction and depletion of resources. The United States and China would continue to dominate this rising global consumption over the decades through their technology, manufacturing, finance and control over natural resources and geopolitical alliances.

In 2019 China and the United States contributed to over 45% of global carbon emissions. The Washington Post reported that on some days, 25% of all Los Angeles’s smog is traceable back to China. These superpowers are affecting each other and the entire ecosphere, due to their disparate challenges there has not been a cohesive means for them to share information and the technologies that matter the most; “green” solutions for cleaner air, water and good health.The relatively old and dirty energy distribution system in the US is difficult to rebuild due to lack of political will and finances. The strides in clean and renewable technologies in the past 2 decades has enabled China to make "green" decisions for it's rapidly developing energy infrastructure and to a great extent led the way in solar and wind energies globally. But we still have a long way to go to lighten the burden on the environment so that a prosperous planet can be passed on to future generations.

Wisdom Trust Capital is a non-political partnership with China working with key Central Government officials, universities, associations and businesses to help protect the environment.

Our goal is to, through our educational programs and pro-environmental partnerships expand China's environmental consciousness and transform it from the largest environmental polluter to a global environmental leader.

Decades of cross border trade has deeply intertwined US and Chinese economies. Even in these most challenging times of US-China relations Wisdom Trust Capital continues to work on environmentally sustainable partnerships on both sides and work towards stopping our common challenge- climate change. Our mission 'Protect Our Planet'.

Wisdom Trust Foundation: Loving people through science, art, education and the environment. WTF was formed in 2007 and is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with offices in Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; Shenzhen and Beijing, China.