Together China and the United States emit more carbon dioxide emissions than nearly all other countries combined. China over took the United States as the largest producer of carbon dioxide, the chief greenhouse gas.  Our planet is on fire with pollution and the center of that fire is in China and the United States.  If we are to save our planet and ourselves, the most efficient use of environmental funding is education and working with China.   America has relatively old and dirty energy distribution but doesn't have the finances or the will to rebuild effectively.  China has the opportunity to make "green" decisions for it's rapidly developing energy infrastructure.   Wisdom Trust Foundation and Wisdom Trust Capital created a non-political partnership with China working with key Central Government officials, universities, associations and businesses to help protect the environment.  Without their help our planet is in grave danger.

In 2006, the Washington Post reported that on some days, 25% of all Los Angeles’s smog is traceable back to China. These superpowers are affecting each other and the entire ecosphere, due to their disparate challenges there has not been a cohesive means for them to share information and the technologies that matter the most; “green” solutions for cleaner air, water and good health.